"Subsurface seawater intakes for water quality improvement, and enhanced economics of freshwater production"

Diagram showing typical pretreatment process trains for a SWRO plant (a, b, c) with the I AM AQUA simplified system using a subsurface intake (d). A subsurface intake may be any to produce feedwater that can bypass the pretreatment system and flow directly to the cartridge filters.

Typical design from a radial collector or Ranney well. The laterals can be designed to extend beneath the seabed to all only vertical recharge through the seabed, precluding landward impacts. Note that the laterals occur on a single plane and many can be installed.

Well intake system located along a shoreline. This is truly a “beach well” system that promotes direct recharge from the sea and minimizes capture of landward water resources. Minimal flow should come from the shoreline direction to avoid aquifer impacts and entry of poor quality water.

Diagram showing angle well intake system. Note that the recharge direction is vertical compared to the typical vertical well intake system and the issue of impacts to coastal aquifers can be avoided

Beach gallery intake system showing the concept of allowing the breaking waves at the shoreline to mechanically clean the face of the filter, reducing the potential for clogging.

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